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Person is gazing up at a 12 foot sculpture of a gut that is suspended 15 feet off the ground.
Shelby Fleming "Gut Feeling" an installation of red gut sculptures entering and exiting the walls of the gallery
Artist Shelby Fleming with her plaster installation "Brittle" constructed using fabric and plaster.
Brittle, 2021

Shelby Fleming (she/her) is an international, cross-disciplinary artist specializes in sculpture and installation art. Fleming’s work focuses on the physical and psychological body’s fragility and resilience as it relates to her ongoing medical complications.

Shelby Fleming Welding

Explore behind the scenes studio days, exhibitions, and upcoming works in progress.

Shelby Fleming "Gut Feeling: Segment 2" figure gazes up a massive gut scupture that enters and exits the walls of the gallery

Learn more about Shelby Fleming and the inspiration that drives her artwork through publications, panel discussions,  and interviews.

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