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Cellular Division Contemporary sculpture by artist Shelby Fleming
Osteoporosis: Chair Contemporary sculpture by artist Shelby Fleming

Body is the center of my artistic practice. Whether it is abstract or representational my work revolves around the body’s fragility and resilience as it faces internal, external, or psychological factors. Many of the patterns and structures in my work draw from Scanned Electron Microscope images of the human body. Transforming microscopic images into artwork, I am highlighting the 37.2 trillion cells that work endlessly to make us who we are.

My installations approach from a larger perspective as I account for the viewer’s body and viewing experience in relation to the space. The scale, sculptural placement, lighting, and negative space are all elements I consider when constructing installations. In this created space the viewer’s body is confronted but also included as their interactions with each element of the installation completing the piece.

Bold and Brittle

Arts on Main, Van Buren, AR Oct 6-Dec 16, 2023

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INTERFORM Assembly, May-June 2021.

Somewhere Between Chaos and Serenity

Creative Spaces NWA, Mount Sequoyah March 2021

Somewhere Between Chaos and Serenity, is a continuation of my body of work titled, Gut Feeling. This body of work focuses on the viewer’s experience as the focal point of the exhibition. I designed the whole gallery as an art object using both positive and negative space. The sculptures act as one unified system that guides the viewer through the exhibition in a circular arrangement. The viewer follows the forms as they puncture through the walls of the gallery, while considering their own body’s relationship to the forms being seen.

Sequoyah Hall acts as a domestic space or stand in for a home, a place of safety and comfort. Living alone during the pandemic, my home has become a place of anxiety. In the exhibit I wanted to capture a home’s role of feeling safe and secure while also depicting the invasive feeling of dread and constriction that now occupies my home.

Gut Feeling

University of Arkansas Sculpture Gallery, Fayetteville, AR, July 2020.

The Break Down: Nonfunctional Objects

Osteoporosis: Mirror, Osteoporosis: Chair, Osteoporosis: Ladder, 5-Leg 4-Hook